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Carlton Institute Courses: MASSAGE & HOLISTIC

Body Massage

On the 2 day Body Massage Course you will learn classic Swedish body massage. You will be taught how to carry out a luxurious full body massage and learn how to massage areas of the face and scalp. You will also use infra-red heat, gyratory machines and audio-sonic vibration.

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Sports Massage

Our Sports Massage Course will train you to carry out this massage treatment on non-injury and non-pathological tissue. You will learn how to apply preventative treatment and post-event treatment that will encourage the health of both muscles and connective tissue, help improve the range of the client’s movement as well as the tone, symmetry, balance of muscle and quality of posture.

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Indian Head Massage

During the Indian Head Massage Course you will be taught a variety of massage movements and techniques which include deep kneading, compression movements over the neck as well as over the shoulder and scalp areas.

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Using pre blended aromatherapy oils you will be taught how to incorporate them into a gentle massage.

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Advanced Aromatherapy

On this Advanced Aromatherapy Course you will be taught how to safely select and blend your own oils. You will also learn the effects that the essences of plants have on the mind, body and spirit when applied using gentle massage techniques.

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